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Our Mission

Salt Lake City’s immigrant community is under attack. Every day more families are torn apart by a broken and unjust system. Ruthless bureaucrats administer absurd rules, destroying lives and placing people in harms way in the process. 

We offer an alternative to deportation to those desperate enough to seek it. We offer a reprieve from permanent exile, or worse. We offer a position of relative safety from which to seek justice.

By living inside a house of worship, some individuals and families can find temporary reprieve from deportation. They become the heart of a movement that calls us to erase the borders between us, open our doors, and live our values.

The SLC Sanctuary Network seeks to connect immigrant, political, and faith communities in mutually transformative relationships.  Together in the act of Sanctuary, we grow lasting solidarity and nurture the movement of immigrant justice at home and around the world.

What is Sanctuary?

In its simplest form, Sanctuary is the practice of allowing someone to take refuge in a house of worship in order to avoid persecution or injustice. Sanctuary has been practiced in various forms for centuries, including the early days of Israel, ancient Greece and Rome, and Medieval Europe.

In recent decades, Sanctuary has become a powerful tool in the fight for immigrant rights. Congregations open their doors to people who are slated for deportation. While living inside this sacred space, undocumented people amplify their message and gain more time to seek justice with the community’s support.


Can your faith provide Sanctuary?

Houses of worship are spaces that immigration officials will not enter to arrest immigrants. Discover how to prepare your faith home and your congregation here.

Can you contribute your time & talent?

Anyone can volunteer. Find out what roles are needed and sign up today.

Can your organization act in solidarity?

Injustice to immigrants divides our society and devalues human life. Find out how to join in solidarity with the immigrant communities of Salt Lake City here.

Do you need Sanctuary?

If you are at risk of deportation, contact us for a confidential conversation about your situation.

Community Partners

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